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Proudly Serving California’s Cooling, Heating, & Drying Needs.

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Strong, Portable Units

Various 1-5 ton portable coolers to meet your requirements.

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Heating performance when you need it most.

Multiple portable heating equipment choices to get the job done.

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Drying / IAC

Air Quality Improvements

Clean air should be a priority. We have the dehumidifiers, scrubbers and filtration neccessary for the job. 

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High Quality, Trusted Options

Various cables, ducts, and power distribution accessories available for your rental needs. 

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Portable A/C & Spot Cooler Rentals

We have a wide range of cooling equipment to meet your needs. Our rental fleet consists of spot-coolers, water-cooled air conditioners, and evaporative coolers – delivering up to 9,700 CFM and cooling options up to 60,100 BTU. Contact our team today for immediate pricing, availability, and support.

Cooler - Air Cooled

1-5 ton spot coolers and indoor/outdoor portable A/C units

Cooler - Water Cooled

1-5 ton Water Cooled spot coolers

Cooler - Evaporative

Portable Evaporative spot coolers up to 24,000 CFM

Dual Cooler/Heater

Portable spot coolers/heaters for moisture and temperature control

Movincool Climate Pro X14
Movincool Climate Pro X20
MovinCool Climate Pro D12
Trane 3.5T Cart Mounted

Indoor & Outdoor Heating Rental Solutions

Our fleet of portable & temporary heaters consists of electric heaters with up to 30,700 heating BTU’s. Do you need heat for your job site, business, or event? Contact our local team now for immediate pricing, availability, & support.

Air Scrubbers, Movers, & Dehumidification Rentals

Our fleet of air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers are available to resolve your air management requirements. Contact our team today for immediate pricing, availability, and support.

Duct, Cables, & Power Solution Rentals

We offer various accessories to support our rentals – ranging from ducting, power cables, and power distribution. Contact our team today for immediate pricing, availability, and support.

25′ 6/4 Cable with Twist Lock
Female Tail with 6/4 Twist Lock
25′ 6/4 Cable with Twist Lock


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